Tips on Care and Maintenance of Robot Lawn Mowers

The servicing and maintenance of a robot lawnmower are quite cheap, and you can do it by yourself. These machines come with very few parts that are likely to malfunction thanks to their excellent design.Nevertheless, there are a few essential things that you can do to ensure your lawnmower is in perfect shape . They include cleaning the machine and replacing the battery and blades. Also, it would help if you store your mower correctly during the winter.

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Below are vital tips on the care and maintenance of robot lawnmower:


It is crucial to clean your robot lawn mower regularly to prevent the accumulation of grass pieces around the cutting mechanisms and wheels. The build-up of grass clipping can reduce the performance of your robot lawnmower. Also, it can result in the tearing of the lawnmower, shortening its life span.
Grass build-up on the machine can increase the amount of energy required to perform a task. Meaning the lawnmower will do a smaller amount of work and spend more time charging.It is simple to clean a robot lawnmower since no specialized tools are needed. You only need to use a damp cloth and handheld brush. It is essential to wear protective gloves or to remove the blades before cleaning the machine.

Replace the Blades

Sharp blades cut grass more efficiently than the blunt ones. How long the edges maintain their sharpness depends on the type of grass you cut or how frequently the mower works.Sometimes you will need to change the blades of your robot lawnmower. How frequent you will change will depend on the models of lawn mower you have. Changing the blades helps to avoid the breakage of parts of the blade. It also reduces the chances of damaging your grass. Also, it prevents ripping and shredding of grass tips.

Battery Maintenance and Replacement

battery for poweribg mowerMost of the robot lawn mowers use a lithium-ion battery. Only the old models use lead-acid batteries. You can opt for a lawnmower that uses lithium-ion batteries rather than acid.Generally, a lithium battery needs no repair; it can have a limited life span. The lifespan of a lithium battery can be within 2 and 3 years of a charging cycle of 300 to 500 times.When the cutting time of the robot lawnmower reduces with 80%, you can consider replacing it. Alternatively, you can change it if the charging time increases.…