The Advantages of a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Are you thinking about investing in a swimming pool for your home? That would be a great thing to do as having one will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even more. You can host a party and invite your relatives and friends so they can cool off in your pool too.

One of the most important decisions that you have to make, though, is the kind of pump that you will get for your swimming pool. There are numerous types of pumps available, and you have to choose the most efficient one.

It Is Energy Efficient

Did you know that a variable speed pool pump can actually help cut energy costs up to 90%? That’s a lot of savings! This is the number one reason why most homeowners prefer this type. So if you want to enjoy the same benefit, this should be the type that you are getting.

When compared to the other kinds of a pool pump, the one with variable speed requires lesser energy to filter out the water going into your swimming pool. Plus, it can get the job done so much faster. It is that efficient!

It Has Longer Lifespan

This type also has a longer lifespan than the single and two-speed pumps, which makes it an even more excellent investment. Aside from it is very efficient in circulating and filtering out the water in your pool, the heat, as well as the vibration, that it produces are a lot less too. What does this mean? The chances of it getting damaged are super low. You won’t have to worry about getting it repaired or replaced anytime soon.

pool pump

It Operates Quietly

Another advantage of a variable speed pool pump is that it operates quietly, unlike the other two types. You will probably only hear a humming sound and not the typical loud noise that a motor makes. You don’t have to run it all night long either.

It Works Faster

Like what we have said earlier, this kind of pump gets the filtration process done quicker than the others. It is because it works at an optimal speed. Depending on the size of your pool, you might only have to run it for about a couple of hours or a little bit longer. But either way, it is still more dependable than the ones with lower speeds.

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